Simon Muys

Hi there, I’m Simon Muys

I’m an entrepreneur, musician and author

and also looking for a Marketing & Communications Director position.

What am I about?

My name is Simon Muys. I was born and raised near Calais, in the North of France. I have studied journalism and politics, but am mainly experienced in digital communication.

I am an experienced communication professional with a background in project and product management, user experience design, innovation programs and team leadership. I have a proven track record of designing and driving marketing strategies and optimizing acquisition funnels for measurable results. I’m also a skilled entrepreneur with experience in concept development and business planning. I am multilingual and proficient in design, analytics, public relations and content creation.

I am currently working on a startup project called Dymens, aimed at helping authors to publish, spread and monetize contents.

I have been working for 7 years as a Senior Marketing Manager / Technical Program Manager for Amazon Prime in its Luxembourg headquarters, leading a team of Front-End Engineers in charge of the main content architecture for the Prime program WW.

In earlier years, I worked as an Account Manager, Project Manager and Brand Content Manager for digital agencies Vanksen and Nvision in Luxembourg.

In 2019, I founded the association ForLiveable with my wife to build a sustainability gateway for Latin America in Europe bridging finance and technical capacity for the Sustainable Development Goals.

I play music in a duet-band called Says with Mister Jean Caritte.

I’ve also published a novel called Zodia (actually only the first book of a five-book series: “Of Life And Death”). It is available as e-book or printed edition in English and French on Amazon.

Simon Muys

Projects on which I have worked

These are some of the accounts and projects I have been working on for the past several years.

Tasks I have carried

I have made efforts to keep a very general profile and to get experience in a large range of complementary fields.

Strategy icon

1. Strategy

From my very first experience, I have always tried to look at each professional experience from a strategic point of view to propose solutions that fit requirements, but also to foresee future needs or difficulties and to plan for the big picture. Drafting business strategies and plans or conceiving communication campaigns has been one of my prior task in my career.

Digital communication icon

2. Communication

As a content, project, and account manager within communication agencies, I have learned to carry on all the usual parts of a communication strategy, from the most operational point of view to decision making. Over the years, I have conducted PR operations, street marketing, community management, advertising, video shooting, search engine optimisation, digital campaigns…

Project management icon

3. Project Management

As a generalist, I have not specialised in any particular field but rather developed management skills to organise and overview projects and strategies deployments. I believe in team work and expertise, and I believe a good manager should know and understand his collaborators. I think my ability to detect people abilities and to accompany them in their personal development makes this easier.

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4. Web development

I have built several websites, using Laravel framework or Drupal CMS and I am used to integrate bootstrap templates. I am currently leading a team of Web Development Engineers at Amazon, maintaining the main architecture of global templates for Amazon Prime that I have initiated and created.

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5. Web design

There again, I am not a designer and I sometimes believe I have a poor eye and little creativity. Still I am fully suited to perform design work on Adobe Creative Suite, for vectorial design, photoshop, video edition or animation. These technical skills allow me to communicate better with artists and designers and understand possible barriers.

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6. Content Management

As a trained journalist, my first activity has been content production (articles, photos, videos). Within Vanksen agency, I have conducted a research about brand content strategy and set up a team to propose content strategies for clients. Neweet is also about finding a way to facilitate content production and management at a much wider scale.


“Wherever you go, whatever country you visit, learn the language!”

(From T.E. Lawrence to Indiana Jones)



My journey has been long serie of experimentations through very different paths and structures to gain experience and perspectives.

Work Experience

2006 – Now
Sep. 2023

Entrepreneur – Dymens

Dymens is a startup that aimed at supporting authors for publishing, spreading and monetizing their contents. It is a pivot from my former startup Neweet to target books authors instead of journalists.
Aug. 2016

Senior Marketing Manager / Technical Program Manager – Amazon

Leading a team of web development engineers to support a global platform of web content for Prime WW:
  • Leading a team of 3 engineers
  • Support for the content testing team WW
  • Development and support of the global architecture of content templates
  • Technical support for all marketing teams deploying technical projects for Prime on the websites WW
Initially in charge of marketing and content testing for Amazon Prime EU:
  • Content testing for the program Prime in France, Italy and Spain (A/B experiments)
  • User experience and acquisition funnels optimisation (+5M subscribers since 2016)
  • Product management for research tools (autotargeting and multivariate tests)
Mar. 2015

Entrepreneur – Neweet

Neweet was a startup that aimed at supporting journalists for publishing, spreading and monetizing their contents.
Jul. 2012

Account Manager – Vanksen

In charge of a project management team (5 persons), which overlooks the deployment and production of digital strategies. My role was to define clients’ strategies, to manage the team to deploy them and to ensure objectives, deadlines and budgets were reached.
During this experience, I’ve initiated and led a department for brand content, covering communication strategies on social media (SMO), brand content creation (texts, audios, videos), content editing and content testing.
Jun. 2010

Content & Project Manager – Nvision

Web project management: web strategy, website development, online communication consulting, media content production…
Apr. 2010

Webmaster/Project manager – Decathlon

In charge of setting a social network for the golf section of a sport retail shop. Production of communication support (video & presentation).
Oct. 2008

Communication Officer – Klinger Sogefiltres

In charge of rebuilding the company’s website and setting an emailing system. Production of communication supports (presentations, videos).
Feb. 2008

Intern – European Parliament

Intern within the DG Innovation & Techonology’s Intranet services. In charge of project definition for Intranet sites (institutional). In charge of communication campaigns. Production of communication material (videos, presentation, print).
Feb. 2007

Analyst Reporter – China Trade Winds

Production of analysis and synthesis articles about Chinese economic and political news.
Feb. 2006

Web Content Manager – Hikari Productions

Support for the production of video news reports about China for French TV channels, design, deployment and content production for news website, in charge of a team of 2 interns.

Education and training

2001 – 2006
2004 – 2006

Master in International Political Journalism

Specialised on Chinese civilisation area
Institute for Political Studies, Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE

Short-term mandarin program

6 weeks language course in Chinese mandarin
Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, CHINA
2001 – 2005

Diplôme de Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence

Section “Information & Communication”, year 2003-2004 in exchange program ERASMUS with Universitet i Bergen, NORWAY
Institute for Political Studies, Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE

Baccalauréat Scientifique

Mention Très Bien
Lycée Léonard de Vinci, Calais, FRANCE

Time spent abroad

You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.(Bilbo Baggins)

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Personal Skills & Competences

When it comes to technical matters, my proficiency mostly comes from curiosity, experience and hands-on approach.

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Feel free to contact any of my former managers or colleagues for references.


I value general knowledge above all and have little true expertise about a single topic but I am more qualified in the following areas.

Digital Communication
Brand Content Strategy
Business strategy
Journalism Economics
User Experience
Political Sciences

My novel Zodia

Of Life And Death is the first book of a series of five fiction novels I intend to write.

A story about life and death. And those who decided to play them like Gods.

Zodia logo

Zodia kills people. It’s death, with its long scythe, taking lives carefully selected by Gods. Who leads the organisation? How is it organised? How does it judge so absolutely? Does it condemn itself absolutely too? It is up to you to uncover all this.

What I know is that the Z pin is their fabric. Their proud signature stamped next to each of their stunts. A golden Z letter on a circle, half way between Zorro and the Anarchy symbol. A shining beacon of hope.

Because Zodia is starting to raise hopes. For those who despaired. Of the powerful, the untouchables, the richest among the richest, the usual criminals, the ones who usually pull strings, and triggers. Zodia doesn’t just kill anyone. It kills those who deserve it most. From my information, the assassins have targeted some of the worst human beings on this planet. And so the word spread. The organisation became a legend. In a matter of months.

Little information filtered through… But I gathered it all. They are knights, with names taken from stars constellations. There was an old Japanese manga which had the same way of storytelling… It must have inspired them… I guess there must be bronze knights, silver knights and gold knights then, same as the anime. But who’s in charge? Who started it? How are they funded? It is as much a mystery to me as it is for most governments.

Zodia kills people. No one knows for sure if we should be glad and thankful, or worried, concerned, afraid… But everybody’s trying to find out who they are and why they do it.

Bernhard Elberg

The association ForLiveable

ForLiveable is a sustainability gateway for Latin America in Europe bridging finance and technical capacity for the Sustainable Development Goals.

ForLiveable logo

As a Secretary, I’m responsible for the communication and digital marketing for our projects in Climate Finance Action.

My music band Says

I sing and play guitar, bass and piano with my friend Jean Caritte with our duet folk band Says.

Says logo

If you want to get a little glimpse at what’s being done on this front, just visit Says website.

Contact Simon Muys

Feel free to contact me anytime for professional matters.

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